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Image by Jari Hytönen
Male Pedigree European Maine Coon


Ken is my big fluffy boy who is so, so sweet and the biggest baby ever. He is the definition of a gentle giant and as close to a dog as a cat gets. Ken will come when called, follow you around like a toddler and love you like no other. He is such a great dad! It is apparent how much he loves Touka and makes sure she eats and is doing well. I never thought I would be so obsessed with a red feline baby until I got him. Ken is such a sweet soul who is not only handsome but gets long great with kids and other animals. You will definitely hear him talking! His kittens are the most loved by him and their temperaments reflect, and will continue to reflect, his loving and playful nature.

Male Pedigree European Maine Coon


Asta is a beautiful male new male who came all the way from Russia to Holy Whiskes. He is very laid back yet loves to play. He has such a unique coloring to him as a black smoke and has the most honest eyes. I am super excited for his future babies with Noelle!

The International Cat Association registered Maine Coon Sires
Cat Fanciers' Association registered Maine Coon Sires
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