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Image by Jari Hytönen
Female Pedigree European Maine Coon Cat


Touka is my green-eyed angel. God had other plans for this beauty when I thought I was going to lose her to pyometra after she lost her first kitten. I was told she would no longer be able to have kittens and would need to be spayed; however, after a round of antibiotics and lots of prayer she recovered completely and later gave birth to 5 healthy kittens! She is an amazing mother. Although she does not care to be held, loved on or played with unless she wants it, whenever I am ever feeling sick she will lay by me and heal me internally and mentally. She is such a beautiful cat with an amazingly soft coat. I could go on and on about my black queen. I am so honored to continue her lineage. You will fall in love with her kittens as I have.

Female Pedigree European Maine Coon


Noelle came to Holy Whiskes all the way from Russia! She is a very playful and loving girl who loves to eat all day, cuddle, and play with myself, our pup or the other kitties. She is always up to something and is super intelligent. She has such a gorgeous look, and her future babies are going to be the sweetest most playful angels ever!

Female Pedigree European Maine Coon


Ayah was definitely a gift from God. She came to Holy Whiskes when we were not even looking for a cat, and we welcomed her with open arms. She is a gentle soul who loves to cuddle with just about anyone and any pet once she gets to know you. She loves dogs and will cuddle up with them like she is their momma.  Her coloring is GORGEOUS, and we cannot wait to see what her future litter with Ken will look like.

The International Cat Association registered Queens
The Cat Fanciers' Association registered Maine Coon Queens
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