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  • Are your breeding cats Pure Bred?
    Yes. Our breeding cats are purebred Maine Coons and registered through TICA and CFA.
  • How big do Maine Coons get?
    Maine Coon’s have large bodies and a sociable nature, which is why they are often referred to as “gentle giants”. They are considered one of the largest breeds of domestic cats alongside the Savannah, Siberian Forest, Norwegian Forest and Ragdoll cat breeds. On average a male Maine Coon cat weighs 13-18lbs, with females weighing between 8-12 lbs. The height of an adult Maine Coon can vary between 10-16 inches, and they can reach a length of up to 3 feet, including their tail. Their body is solid and muscular which helps to support their weight and their chest is broad.
  • How is the character/temperament of a Maine Coon?
    Maine Coon cats are known for their gentle and easygoing temperament. They are generally very affectionate, smart, and social. Males and females can be equally loving and many of them tend to be lap cats. The average Maine Coon gets along well with everything that has legs. Most of them are excellent with children, depending on their upbringing. It should be no problem keeping two cats of the same or opposite gender together, especially if they are spayed/neutered.
  • Will my Maine Coon get along with other household pets?
    As mentioned above, these cats are easygoing; however, an older settled cat may be stressed out by a young, playful kitten. Slow introductions are best and even introducing two kittens to an older cat, as the kittens can just play with each other. No matter the pet, you will want to ensure that introductions are done slowly (which may require some patience on your end).
  • Why are breeders so cautious with prospective buyers?
    Unfortunately, there are people who do not have the best interest of the Maine Coon in mind. Parting with our kittens is hard for us and we want to ensure that they go to someone who will care and love for these kittens as much as we do. Please do not take this caution personally as you go through the application process. Take the time to let the breeder know why you would be the best pet owner and what you can offer this kitten, if you were entrusted with it. Any breeders who offer kittens on a “first come first served” basis is a red flag. A good breeder will encourage questions and constant communication.
  • How do I get on your waitlist?
    Message us through our website.
  • How do I reserve a Maine Coon kitten?
    Once approval is received, a non-refundable deposit will secure your kitten.
  • What is the cost of your kittens?
    Our Maine Coon kittens are currently pet priced: between $3000-$4500, depending on coloring of the kitten. Each kitten comes with: Health Guarantee, according to contract Vet Health Check (including vaccinations and worming as needed) Litter Training Pedigree Information Papers to register with TICA (Upon proof of spay or neuter. Each kitten will be sold with a spay/neuter Kitten Agreement) Kittens will be groomed before going to their forever home. Kittens will go home with a Royal Canin Kittten Kit.
  • When can I bring my kitten home?
    Typically, our kittens will be ready to go between 10-12 weeks. A kitten can be chosen between 6-8 weeks and a deposit made at that time through Zelle or Venmo or cash if not already paid. We do not accept checks. The price of the kitten must be paid in full when you pick up your kitten.
  • Can I purchase a kitten even if I live out of state?
    Yes. We recommend that you pick-up your kitten in person to reduce stress on your new kitten. We are willing to drive up to 2 hours to meet with our kitten families, whether you are driving or flying. We are closest to the San Antonio International Airport and can meet you there if you choose to fly. You must bring your own pet safe kennel. There are several couriers who can transport your kitten for you if you are unable to fly or drive to us. You will be responsible for any transportation costs for your kitten. If using a courier, shipping costs in addition to your final balance are mandatory 2 weeks prior to the date your kitten(s) can be shipped, and must be paid via Zelle or Venmo. We have to coordinate with the airlines and veterinarians for health certificates, which dictates the 2-week timeline. If you plan to take the kitten on a flight with you, you will need to reserve a spot with you in the cabin with the airline in advance. This is to ensure you will be able to board with your kitten.
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