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Holy Whiskes was started out of the love of the Maine Coon and motivation to keep the purebred lineage of these cats. This cattery was established as an LLC in February of 2024.

It all started when I wanted to add to my family so I did my research and purchased my first Maine Coon, Touka, with breeding rights. I instantly fell in love and ended up purchasing a second Maine Coon, Ken, shortly after. It was a few months later that I had my first litter of kittens and that was the beginning of my journey.

First Holy Whiske Pedigree European Maine Coon kitten litter


Here at Holy Whiskes, we are committed to ensuring excellent breeding by following rigorous health standards in order to uphold the Maine Coon pedigree integrity. Our Queens and Sires are registered with TICA and/or CFA and are genetically tested prior to breeding. We only breed healthy cats who have been screened by a certified veterinarian.

My main goal and purpose is to love on my fur babies and their kittens and make sure they are well taken care of before sending them to their new forever families. Maine Coons are gentle giants that have a way of winning you over. It is hard to just have one and not keep all of their kittens, but I believe I am here on earth to give love to everyone and anyone I can with these big, loving and beautiful Maine Coon cats.

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